Presentation Skills Training

Learn how to deliver a high-quality, engaging presentation that leaves a lasting impression on your audience

The thought of delivering a public presentation to colleagues or clients often fills many people up with dread. Generally, we aren’t used to having a group of people, no matter how few or many, pay full attention to what we’re saying in a formal setting. This can lead to nerves and anxiety, which in turn impacts on the quality of your execution.

How we can help?

Our presentation skills training course aims to help individuals or teams improve the quality of their presentations, with a particular focus on developing ease and confidence of speaking in front of a group and leading the room.

We provide you with the vital tools for managing and overcoming any nerves, as well as training you on how to deliver key messages in the clearest and most effective manner. We’ll go through tried-and tested techniques for applying the fundamental rules of structure and delivery to ensure that you keep your audience fully engaged at all times.

Furthermore, the course covers the key skills required for presentation success, such as engaging the audience using physical and verbal pointers, tailoring your structure to your audience, the use of visual aids, listening and feeding off your audience, and making the entire presentation a memorable experience.

The course lasts for a day and is delivered at your office. It’s suitable for anyone that regularly delivers (or wishes to regularly deliver) presentations to clients and prospects, such as sales and client relationship professionals. It’s also relevant for those presenting internally to colleagues, such as managers, team leaders, and supervisors.

Course Agenda

  • Handling and managing fear and nerves: Learn the techniques to keep you on track, develop a positive mindset and to overcome self-limiting thoughts and behaviours
  • Qualities of an effective presenter: A comprehensive survey of the key skills and attributes that characterise truly effective presenters
  • Planning a presentation: Crafting your presentation to meet the needs of your audience
  • Structuring your presentation: Preparing your opening, beginning, and ending
  • Setting an objective: How to set goals when presenting
  • Using visual aids: The do’s and don’ts
  • Presentation methods and tools: Posture, controlling mannerisms, eye contact, voice, energy
  • Presentation style using body language, humour, tone and voice
  • Presentation practice: Attendees will attend the course with draft versions of presentations they have prepared in advance. They will have the opportunity to revise these in the light of the theory they will have been exposed to in the morning session, and then they will receive a full evaluation of their presentation skills in the afternoon. The evaluation will be completed by our trainer for each attendee, with constructive praise and tips on where to improve.

Why us?

Our presentation skills training courses are purpose built for the exact needs of our attending delegates. We strongly believe that time and logistical challenges shouldn’t hold you or your team back from attending the course. For this reason, we offer the course as an in-house one day class anywhere across the UK or internationally.

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