Negotiation Skills Training Course

Improve your negotiation skills and gain new techniques for measurably better win-win agreements

Negotiation: the discussion between two or more parties aimed at reaching an agreement. Whilst the definition is simple enough, the actualities are often not.

Yet, the skill of negotiation is something that we must use everyday of our lives, and not just in business either; negotiating is as important to closing that high-value business deal as it is to maintaining a healthy relationship with your partner, or getting the kids to help around the house.

Nonetheless, given how often we rely on our ability to negotiate, very few people master it as a skill. In business (and personal life, too), this can lead to deal-ending obstacles being left unresolved, such as conflicting interests or competing agendas, despite these being entirely fixable problems.

How can we help?

Using the knowledge and experience we have gained over 15 years of delivering negotiations skills training, we teach you and your team how to handle and manage any obstacles in the negotiation process. This leads to lasting behaviour changes resulting in better deals and higher margins.

The main objectives and learning outcomes at the end of our negotiation skills course are for each delegate to:

  • Understand the common misconceptions about negotiation
  • Understand the underlying phases in all negotiations
  • Gain the key skills to stay in control during each stage
  • Understand how to create opportunities for mutual gain
  • Learn how to stay on track when your counterparty is more powerful

This course is suitable for any person who finds that they are struggling to “win” when it comes to negotiation. All job types, positions, sectors and skill levels are welcome – as we’ve already mentioned, negotiating is a key aspect of life, and we aim to significantly improve your ability to influence and control the negotiation process.

Course Agenda

Our negotiation courses are split into two sessions: morning and afternoon. The morning will focus on theory, whilst the afternoon will be a practical, engaging, hands-on experience where we put the theory into practice.

Morning Session

  • Introduction to negotiation skills
  • What is negotiation?
  • Characteristics of ultra-successful negotiators
  • Negotiation skills self-assessment:
    • (Short questionnaire to be completed)
  • Positional bargaining
    • Hard bargaining versus soft bargaining
    • The pros and cons of both approaches
  • Producing wise agreements:
    • Separating the people from the problem (how to deal with conflict, people issues and emotions.)
    • Focusing on interests not positions (how to lay the foundations for win-win agreements)
    • Inventing options for mutual gain (finding creative solutions to secure win-win deals)
    • Using objective criteria (how to unstick a negotiation)
  • What if they are more powerful?
    • How to protect your position and make the most of your assets
  • What if they won’t play?
    • Using negotiation jujitsu!
  • Open Discussion and Preparation for Negotiation Role Plays.

Afternoon Session

The afternoon session will involve the practical hands-on application of the theory presented in the morning session, involving role-plays based on typical real-life negotiation scenarios.

Why us?

Our negotiation training courses are purpose built for the exact needs of our attending delegates. We can deliver our training in a one day workshop in London, throughout the UK, or internationally too. We can also deliver this training as part of an ongoing coaching programme.

Furthermore, we strongly believe that time and logistical pressures shouldn’t hold you or your team back from receiving our negotiation skills training. For this reason, we offer masterclass tutorials, one-to-one coaching, team refreshers, and mentoring over Skype; making our training completely flexible!

Finally, our courses are accredited by the CPD (Continuing Professional Development) Standards Office headquartered in the UK. This means that the learning value has been independently scrutinised to ensure quality and integrity, and that we are a CPD points provider. CPD accreditation is compatible with global CPD Standards.

Interested? Get in touch using our contact form today to discuss your requirements. In conjunction with our negotiation courses, we also offer courses in communication skills and cold calling skills. As a set of courses, these are perfect for improving the entire start-to-finish sales process for your or your team.