LinkedIn Training for Sales

Used in the right way, LinkedIn is an extremely powerful tool at each stage of the sales cycle; make sure you’re at the forefront of sales’ technological revolution.

LinkedIn has developed into the world’s leading social platform for like-minded professionals to find each other, connect and build working relationships. The amount of business that passes solely through LinkedIn is staggering, whether it’s a friend asking for a recommendation or a targeted outreach campaign.

LinkedIn is a literal treasure trove of potential prospects and leads for sales professionals, yet despite this it is still under-utilised or simply just not used effectively.

How we can help?

We provide a half-day course, delivered on-site at your office, to equip you and your team with the skills and tools to crack LinkedIn as a sales platform. We’ll show you how to adopt a consistent, structured and pro-active approach in order to generate new sales from LinkedIn’s ever-growing database of users. We’ll also cover actionable insights for positioning yourself as a leading thinker within your industry – a great way of generating referrals and new opportunities.

The course is suitable for any sales or marketing professionals of all levels who would like to significantly improve their use of LinkedIn as a tool for new business prospecting and networking.

Course Agenda

The following areas are covered in the course:

  • How to create a profile that demands attention: Turning your online brand into a magnet
  • How to define and locate profiles that match your target audience using Advanced Search: Save time and accelerate your pipeline using a tried and tested approach for targeting your most profitable prospects
  • How to sending “cold” connection requests that are accepted: Exponentially increase your acceptance rate even when the prospect hasn’t heard of you or your product or service
  • How to engage a LinkedIn prospect in a manner that will generate meetings and sales: Avoiding the common pitfalls and cultivating a strong working relationship
  • Adopting a tried-and-tested methodology to grow your pipeline
  • How to utilise Sales Navigator (LinkedIn’s built in sales tool) in the most effective manner (optional)
  • How to gain Mind Share: Advice and steps for becoming leading and popular thinker within your space

Why us?

Our LinkedIn Sales training courses are purpose built for the exact needs of our attending delegates. Furthermore, we strongly believe that time and logistical challenges shouldn’t hold you or your team back from attending. For this reason, we offer on-site training across the UK and internationally; making our training completely flexible!

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