Global Growth Academy

Are you a start up, scale-up or rapidly growing SME looking to elevate and perfect your message in the marketplace, to exponentially grow your sales, and to create a culture of over-performance?

A one-off training or coaching intervention often isn’t enough to sustain sales acceleration or best practice in a fast growing organisation. The answer: our Global Growth Academy one-stop-shop!

With our Growth Academy you can highlight skills gaps, perfect your value proposition, and create a culture of sustained high performance.

PowerCall has joined forces with Sales Expand Ltd led by Luba Reynolds (former Head of Sales Enablement at IBM UK) to create a truly comprehensive blended classroom / virtual modular training, coaching and consulting programme addressing all the key skills and subjects needed to get your sales team to peak performance and to
keep them there.

The programme draws on tried-and-tested tools and techniques from years’ of having exponentially driven the performance of sales teams around the world, and can be tailored to our clients’ exact learning needs in terms of subject modules and delivery preferences.

Growth Academy Programme

Join our Academy for a small membership fee, and benefit from discounted bundles of face-to-face and/or virtual training and coaching modules addressing the following key areas:

  • Generating Product Ideas: Pitching Your Idea, Testing Ideas, Solution Evaluation, Solution Development Approach
  • Releasing Product to Market: Generating Market Awareness, Marketing Campaigns, Demand Generation
  • Optimising Your Sales Approach: Selecting Your Sales Strategy, Setting Up
    Sales Targets and Incentives, Basic Account Management, Communication Skills, Sales Messaging, Business Development Skills
  • Working on Perfecting Sales: Sales Messaging and Customer Awareness, Sales Preparation and Research, Perfecting Communication Skills, Business Networking, Account Planning, Territory Management, Objection Handling and Effective Negotiations
  • Training and Mentoring Your Sales Team: Forming Your Sales Team, Coaching and Mentoring skills, Skills Assessments, Training Needs Analysis and Sales Enablement
  • Hyper Performance Generation: Determining Sales KPIs, Sales Forecasting, Managing For Performance

We also offer Angel Investor Pitch Training for Start-ups and Scale-ups! Learn the skills needed to attract investment for your business, by eliciting the trust and interest of investors to truly stand out from the crowd.

Angel Investor Pitch Training Programme


Prior to delivery of the workshop, attendees will be required to complete pre-course assignments. These pre-course assignments will enable us to maximise the quality of course uptake. Each participating startup will record a 90-120 second video pitch describing their start-ups, ideas associated with their products, their team and progress
achieved so far.

These videos will be sent to us 30-15 days prior to the workshop start-date. Completion of this crucial step will assist us to:

  • Understand the potential solution
  • Focus on areas for pitch improvement
  • Tailor the training and maximise the outcomes

Two–day Workshop: Day One

We will conduct a two-day Angel Investor Pitch Training Programme. The style is lively and interactive and involves role-plays and attendees being divided up into teams to complete exercises associated with each module. The modules are as follows:

  • Know Your Audience-Angel Clubs and VCs:
    • Different types of investors (individuals, angel clubs, VCs, enterprise-backed ventures)
    • What are investors looking for in a startup?
    • What are startups looking for in investors?
    • How to research investors
    • Group Exercise: How to visualize and describe your ideal investor
  • How to Structure and Stage Your Pitch-Providing Your Product Vision:
    • Hook
    • Problem resolution
    • Solution
    • Benefits
    • Features
    • Exercise: Practice on creating your VisionBoard
  • How to Structure and Stage Your Pitch – Commercial Probability:
    • Targeted market size backed up by research
    • Traction/commercial progress so far (generated interest from the buyer, closed sales so far, partnerships)
    • Solution validation evidence
    • Personal credibility
    • The team
    • Know your numbers
    • Ask what you need from your investor
    • Exercise: Practice
  • Own your space – stage presentation:
    • How to prepare before going to stage
    • First impressions – how to start
    • Body posture and voice control
    • What to avoid
    • Exercise: Practice
  • Conversation skills:
    • How to answer questions from investors
    • How to ask investors the right questions
    • Exercise: Practice
  • Negotiation skills
    • How to get the most from less equity
    • Exercise: Practice
  • Day two preparation:
    • Every start-up to prepare a 4 minute pitch based on everything they learnt during the day

Two–day Workshop: Day Two

  • Presentation dry run:
    • Every start-up to present their 4 minute (maximum) pitch in front of other attendees
    • This will be followed by a three minute questioning session by the panel of tutors including a leading angel investor.
    • Following presentation of the pitches the panel will prepare reports on the probability of each participating start-up achieving investment and on areas for improvement.

Please note that on successful completion of the programme all attendees will be eligible to receive Global Growth Academy Completion Certification Certificates stating their proficiency in pitching to investors.

Benefits of Using our Global Growth Academy

We believe that the benefits that our Growth Academy can offer through our training workshops and coaching solutions are as follows:

  • Due to our proven three-tier structure attendees’ levels of articulation grow at
    each stage resulting in a better probability of investment
  • We collaborate with investors and know what they want!
  • We have years’ of tech industry experience (both start-ups and giants), and know
    what the industry wants and ways to present accordingly
  • We understand the psychology behind how presentations impact audiences and
    the resulting stages of investor behaviour- we teach the best presentation
  • We understand tech entrepreneurs and know how to help them move from
    creating complex products to selling ideas
  • Attendees are presented with our Global Growth Academy Certification on
  • Our philosophy has always been to promote a simple and practical approach. This
    means that our courses are free of jargon.
  • Our workshops are lively and highly participatory in style – the best and only
    approach for imparting learning!

To find out more about our fill in the form below or give us a call! To visit our partner Sales Expand Limited’s site please follow this link.