Communication Skills Training

Improve your communication skills with our bespoke training courses

In any sales or lead generation role, great communication is the foremost important skill a person needs to be successful. It’s no secret that the quality and depth of our communication with both existing and potential clients has a direct impact on the size of our deals and on our ability to win repeat business!

To build rapport you need to have the tools and skill set to quickly inspire trust across both written and verbal communication; even so, the way we talk to clients over the phone differs immeasurably to the way we communicate in person.

Understanding these subtle nuances can make a huge difference. Then combine that with our easy to apply techniques and you are on your way to being a much more effective and influential communicator.

How we can help

Our communications skills courses and coaching programmes are aimed at all those who are engaged in regular telephone and/or face-to-face contact with clients. Our approach teaches easy to apply techniques that help aid the rapid acceleration of client commitment, and, furthermore, help eliminate obstacles to the expansion of profitable client relationships.

This will allow you to:

  • Communicate openly and effectively with clients
  • Build trust and rapport
  • Uncover the real and unstated needs of clients
  • Eliminate communication barriers
  • Understand client thinking patterns
  • Engage in active listening
  • Present oneself assertively and confidently

Communication Skills Course Agenda

The course is divided into two parts. The morning session will address the theory of effective communication and will cover the following areas:

Building trust and rapport

  • How to communicate effectively with clients we dislike
  • Dealing with difficult conversations/wayward clients
  • Delivery of bad news to clients
  • Elimination of cultural barriers-points to take into account

Telephone communication skills

  • Effective use of questioning to uncover the unstated needs of clients
  • The avoidance of jargon and clear explanation of technical terms
  • Gaining the client’s commitment

Face to face meetings

  • Improving your communication style
  • The importance of active listening
  • Understanding thinking patterns
  • Getting the results you want

The afternoon session will involve practical and engaging hands-on application of the theory presented in the morning session, involving role plays around effective use of telephone and meeting skills. The scenarios will involve typical communication challenges.
Remember, the agenda outlined here is just a guideline to the standard course we deliver – all of courses can be modified and built with your needs in mind.

Why choose our communication training course

Our communication skills training courses are built bespoke for the exact needs of our attending delegates. We can deliver our training in a one day workshop in London, throughout the UK, or internationally as well. We can also deliver this training as part of an ongoing coaching programme.

Furthermore, we strongly believe that time and logistical pressures shouldn’t hold you or your team back from receiving our communication skills training. For this reason, we offer masterclass tutorials, one-to-one coaching, team refreshers, and mentoring over Skype. This makes our training completely flexible.

Interested? Get in touch using our contact form today to discuss your requirements. For more information on our communication skills training, please view our brochure. Alternatively, we have courses to help improve your negotiation skills and cold calling skills available.