About Us

Our Background

Headquartered in London, UK, PowerCall Global Training is a leading provider of sales training solutions, and is proud to have made a contribution to driving the performance of both seasoned sales professionals and telemarketers of all levels in the UK , USA, India and Singapore.

Our founder, Anthony Maddalena, has over 15 years experience as a cold caller from board level down, and has trained a wide range of companies from multinationals to SMEs. He has travelled the world observing the key behaviours that are the necessary ingredients for sales success.

We provide both in-house and open courses on the art of cold-calling effectiveness as well as coaching and mentoring solutions for sales and telemarketing professionals. We also offer Skype “Masterclass” Tutorials. All our sales training solutions are borne from years of personal experience!

PowerCall’s clients have included: Vodafone UK, Dow Jones International, Microsoft, Ericsson IPX, OneSource (UK, USA, India), TNT Post, Unify Communications, and Infogroup (USA).


Our Methodology

Numerous studies have shown that the world we inhabit, and our responses to it, are largely the creation of our own minds. Our thinking, in other words, shapes who we are. It is human nature to shy away from rejection. Sales professionals are no different in this respect! But the problem is often not with our prospects or clients at all but with ourselves. By focusing on our own concerns we often miss the needs of our prospects and clients, and lose the calm mind and positive attitude that characterize truly successful sales activity. In a world free from fear and other self-limiting behaviours how much untapped potential could we unlock? PowerCall answers this question by placing psychological transformation right at the very heart of our learning solutions to create impactful lasting changes in the work place. We equip our clients with self-empowering tools to bust long-cherished misconceptions and mythologies, thereby putting them firmly back in charge of their own destinies.

Our symbol, the Lotus, represents the flowering of knowledge, which comes from removing mental obstacles to growth and success. This approach underpins our distinctive sales training methodology, which fully addresses all the key areas needed for success:

L: Listening Skills to uncover opportunities
O: Objection Handling to remove obstacles
T: Targeting to ensure you are speaking to the right audience
U: Uncovering client needs through Questioning Skills
S: Social Media and its role in elevating the status of a “cold call” / Securing the appointment through the power of assumptive closing.


Our Values

“Be the change you wish to see…”

1. Self-empowerment:
The words above are our motto and very much represent our philosophy. We regard ourselves as possessing a mandate to empower our clients. We do this by assisting them to effect deep behavioural changes for themselves through the provision of straightforward psychological tools to encourage sustained and optimised performance.

2. Passion: Our sales courses are lively and highly interactive in nature, thanks both to the passion of our trainers and the participatory nature of our training style. Our courses are invariably energising and resemble a breath of fresh air! At least that’s what our clients keep telling us.

3. Pride: In some parts of the world sales activity in general and the role of the telemarketer/cold caller in particular is frowned upon. We feel this is hugely unjustified since the booking of qualified new business meetings is undoubtedly the lifeblood of any business! We are proud and we want you to be too. Our training solutions take this into account.

4. Simplicity: We do not believe in overloading our sales courses with unnecessary jargon. We regard each workshop as a journey of self- discovery for our clients, and not a lengthy oration. We fully embrace the Sufi saying “less is more…”

5. Measurability:
All our sales courses are designed to create measurable sustainable results. Our Workshops impact positively on our clients’ ROI, and we will work with you to monitor results and to encourage a culture of over-performance.

6. Individuality: We celebrate variety and difference! No two clients are the same and we make it our business to partner with you to ensure that our solutions address your specific priorities and challenges.

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We are presently extending our international reach by cultivating partnerships with like-minded organisations across the UK, USA, India and globally! Why not get in touch as we enjoy talking about what we do with those who feel as passionately as we do about cold-calling best practice?