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What we offer.
With PowerCall Telemarketing Training our clients can:

  • Increase confidence and gain credibility with prospects.
  • Improve qualified meetings and close rates.
  • Eliminate barriers to create immediate rapport.
  • Drive the quality of telemarketing and meetings booked.
  • Remove unhelpful communication blockages.
  • Boost sales and measure progress.
  • Harness the power of social media to create hooks.

Script Writing and delivery coaching are included!

Gain the full-proof steps to turn every “cold-call” into a warm call!

Available as an Open Course or as an In-house course at your office! Contact us now to find out how we can fast track your cold calling conversion rates!

Our sales courses can accommodate up to 15 attendees!

Training Manual included!

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Unlock sales with our Cold Calling Training
Refocus your team with PowerCall Training.

Most decision makers decide in the first 20 seconds if they wish to take a cold call!

PowerCall Training guides cold-callers through this first critical window of opportunity to unlock the potential in their cold calling and to capture the attention of prospects. The result-enhanced sales!

Our inspirational and highly participatory one or half day sales courses are suitable for cold callers of all levels, from senior sales professionals wishing to refresh their skills to telemarketers new in their roles.

PowerCall’s straightforward formula ensures that cold-callers will always build the best rapport and create a warm and positive impression with prospects.

Learn the secrets from our experienced trainers led by Anthony Maddalena, who has over 15 years experience from board-level down.

Our Sales Courses

Cold Calling With Confidence- click here to download brochure Effective Communication Skills- click here to download brochure

Click here for our top 10 cold calling tips!